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Innovators workshop — Summer 2018

033 - Workshop

Innovators online workshop

Summer 2018

Online Workshop 

Interactive one month long workshop taking you through the full photographic process. The beauty of this workshop is that it is unstructured, being taliormade and flexible to build your photographic work from the level you are at.

The course will focus on achieving a completed personal project from start to finish, using creative techniques promoting your vision and your finding your own style.

Drawing on over 17 years of professional experience

1 month process...

Portfollio Conversation

One hour conversation talking through any aspect of your work, reviewing images and discuss useful techinques that you can use to improve your photography 

workshops are done online via Skype, but all formats are accepted.

JULY workshop SOLD OUT AUGUST workshop 3 places left
SEPTEMBER workshop 5 places left 

Email for further details or questions